many roads, but the same destination: the 6 paths of yoga

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6 paths, same destination  the word ‘yoga’ comes from the root word yuj in sanskrit which means to ‘yoke’, ‘join’, ‘unite’. It basically refers to the notion of integration. The pulling together and unity of mind, body and all within the universe.  Yoga is a means of exploring the depths of human nature. It is based on personal practice and experience rather than adherence to a particular set of beliefs. But then there is the question of HOW to practice. Within the yoga… continue reading »

podcast of my birth story

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my birth story has been featured on the wonderful podcast blog The Birth Hour. Episode 60. I was in active labour for 24 hours. The first 12 hours I spent at home and the following 12 hours in at hospital where I gave birth to my son Milo. My yoga practice helped get me through my long and arduous birth. you can listen to Bryn Huntpalmer interview me for the show not only do the episodes on The Birth Hour, inspire, intrigue and melt your heart… continue reading »

reading list for pregnancy

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these books really guided me through my pregnancy and beyond. I would thoroughly recommend them! Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Guide to Breast Feeding – Ina May  Childbirth Without Fear – Dick Grantly- Read Mothers Breath  -Uma Dinsmore Tuli  Show Dad How (Parenting Magazine): The Brand-New Dad’s Guide to Baby’s First Year Birth Skills – Juju Sundin The calm birth school by Suzy Ashworth The hypnobirthing book by Katherine Graves Gentle Birth Method – Dr Gowri Motha The No Cry… continue reading »

how and what to prepare for labour

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I had a positive birth experience with my son Milo, which I would largely attribute to the preparatory measures that I took, which largely include yoga. 30 tips & techniques   Here I share with you 30 of the most important tips and techniques that I found useful. I present the tips and techniques in the order in which they appear in my birth story which you can read here: 1. contraction counter app I downloaded one called ‘Labour Mate’ onto… continue reading »

a poem for mothers

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this poem really touched my heart when I found out that I was pregnant. I hope it resonates for you too: nothing could have prepared your heart to open like this   from beyond the skies and stars the echo arrived inside you and started to pulse with life; each beat a tiny act of growth, traversing all our ancient shapes on its way home to itself once it began, you were no longer your own. a new more courageous… continue reading »