My experience with a Doula

Posted on January 8th, 2020 by in womens wellbeing

A Doula serves and supports a woman in her journey to motherhood. They work with a woman and her family during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Often Doula’s within the UK have undergone a foundational level of Doula Specific Training. They are certified, insured and are often registered with the Doula UK, a national non-profit association body. The objective of Doula UK  is to offer women and their families a level of professionalism and quality assurance from the Doula community. Doulas are not necessarily medically trained. They do… continue reading »

Postpartum Tips & Tricks

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‘Early Postpartum’ is generally considered to be the first 40 days after childbirth. It is a delicate and precious time of getting to know your new baby and your new body. Yet it can also be a confusing and overwhelming time.  Traditional Cultures around the world have long practiced and recommended that a new mother and baby stay home. Mexico, India, China, Iran, Morocco are just some of many of the countries that have their own postpartum traditions for rest and recovery, which… continue reading »

Birth Story with Sage -Home Birth Back-to-Back Natural Delivery

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Baby boy Sage Edward Lucas Mittell born at 18:06 on 18th Sep 2019 weighing 9lbs 3 Tues 17th Sep 2019 8:00pm I was 43 days pregnant and the tiredness, aches, twinges and emotions were building each moment of each day. I was watching an episode of Grand Designs when things started to happen. I didn’t think much of the fact that I found myself crying my eyes out because the builders on Grand Designs overcame some construction challenges and made a nice… continue reading »