10 ways to improve your sleep

Posted on March 16th, 2018 by

tammy mittell yoga

our modern, interconnected world causes a lot of stress and anxiety.  Busy schedules, work demands, and family obligations can make it difficult to settle down during the night. The release of tension and stress before bed can help you fall asleep and stay asleep so that you can get a full seven to eight hours of rest. Indeed lack of sleep has been linked to problems with mental health.  So here we’ve put together a list to help you find relaxing ways to prepare for bed.

1. gentle yoga

Tension in the back and shoulders often follows a stressful day sitting in an office. The right yoga routine can help you relieve that tension and center your mind for better sleep. Yoga also reduces inflammation and heart rate for more comfortable rest. Here’s Tammy’s ‘unwind for bedtime sequence online yoga video which leads you through a series of restorative poses that are ideal pre-bedtime.

2. meditation

meditation and yoga often go hand in hand. Mindfulness meditation, where you breathe deeply while focusing on a calming scene or counting, has been found to reduce insomnia. Stress often comes from worrying about future events or reexamining the past. The practice of meditation allows you to bring your mind into the present and let stressful thoughts flow out rather than dwelling on them. Consistent meditation leads to lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, and better moods.

3. yoga nidra

yoga nidra a.k.a. is yogic sleep which is a kind of powerful guided self-hypnosis which takes you deep into a relaxed state with delta brain waves. The nervous system is provided a chance to fully relax and recalibrate which allows all the other bodily systems a change to restore. The conscious mind is guided towards the subconscious and positive affirmations can are planted here. 20 minutes is said to be equivalent in effectivity to a 4 hour sleep! Check out my free yoga nidra here. 


4. hydrotherapy

a warm bath or shower warm water feels good and relaxes your body, but there’s more to this practice than just how amazing it feels. Your body temperature naturally begins to lower in the evening. Artificially raising your body temperature with a warm bath or shower causes the body to bring your temperature down faster than normal. Showering in the early evening, one or two hours before bed, gives your body time to heat up and begin the cool down process that will help you drift off to sleep.

5. write in a Journal

stressful thoughts often ruminate in your brain at bedtime when you no longer have distractions. Writing in a journal before bed lets you get your thoughts out and examine events of the day. Often when you write in a journal, you’re able to see your thoughts and feelings about stressful evenings with better clarity. It also gives you a place to vent feelings, so your mind is clear when your head hits the pillow.

6. get a good bed and mattress

Start with the overall sleep conditions in your bedroom. Check your mattress. Aches and pains may be a sign that you need a new mattress or a mattress topper to extend the life of your mattress. You’ll also want to keep the room dark, quiet, and comfortably cool at 60-68 degrees.

7. routine

go to Bed at the Same Time Each Day: Your body loves routine. Following a consistent schedule helps your brain to release sleep-inducing hormones at the same time every night.

8. exercise regularly

regular exercise keeps your muscles and bones strong, but it also makes you more tired at night. You’ll be better prepared for bed if your muscles are fatigued.

9. eat smart and healthy

heavy meals in the late evening can leave you tossing and turning. An early, light dinner gives your body time to digest your food before bed. If hunger pains keep you awake, try a snack like yogurt, bananas, or almonds. These foods promote the production of sleep-inducing hormones

10. stay hydrated

be sure to drink a glass of water before bed and also first thing in the morning. This will improve your digestion, metabolism, elimination and so boost energy levels and support your sleep quality.