BirthWell antenatal classes

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BirthWell antenatal course

at london fields yoga studio

pregnancy is such an awe-inspiring time of life. It’s a special period where a woman is tapped straight into the creative current of life itself. 

a pregnant women prepares for and experiences not just the arrival of the new soul that she carries below her heart for 9 months, but she also prepares for and experiences the birth of a new version of herself, as a strong, brave, adaptive and intuitive woman and mother.

each week my pregnancy yoga classes have organically grown to become more than just a chance for pregnant ladies to stretch and relax. The classes have become a special place where the ladies can take time to really appreciate their pregnancy and bond with their growing baby.

in addition to offering yogic tools and techniques that facilitate pregnancy and birth, I realised that it was also hugely beneficial to allow time and space for the expectant mothers to offer their own wisdom and insight. So I began to start yoga class with a sharing circle, where every lady could talk about their experience or musings on whatever theme it was that I proposed that week.

It was inspiring and uplifting for us to create such a collective experience!

I was getting great feedback from the ladies and so it seems like a natural progression to offer more of a dedicated time and space to exploring the various topics and to creating a positive pregnancy and birth experience.

So now once a month @londonfieldsyoga studio we invite a guest expert to provide a 75 minute talk / workshop on a topic that supports you all the way through your pregnancy, to birthing your baby, to meeting your newborn.

BirthWell schedule

antenatal class – 9:00-10:15am £25 (birth partner welcome for £5 only)

  • expert insights from experienced birth professionals 
  • deepen your understanding of the pregnancy, labour, birthing, breastfeeding and newborn parenting
  • cover topics of interest which a typical antenatal class may not offer
  • a supportive space to open up, share your experiences, aspirations or any concerns
  • learn practical and applied techniques that facilitate labouring, birthing and parenting
  • tea and snacks included

yoga – 10:15-11:30 £10 (pregnant ladies only) 

  • enjoy a yoga class that supports and reinforces the topics covered within the antenatal session

brunch 11:30am onwards (optional, we just book you a table)

  • fun, friendly and informal get-together rounded off with a delicious sunday brunch 
  • a chance to meet and make friends with other expectant ladies and their partners in the local community

the BirthWell sessions 

session 1 – the sacred feminine

sun 19th feb 9:00am – 10:15am


Claudia is an expert in fertility having written a book on the topic (published by Hay House, UK). She has dedicated her life to serving women’s wellbeing. She has run successful retreats for fertility, as well as mums and babies for the last 9 years with the intention of creating sacred space for renewal and reflection.

Claudia Spahr will talk on:

  • from overworked, overwhelmed, guilt-ridden mum to sacred Goddess
  • awakening to the Divine Feminine and accessing intuition
  • the importance of female company and sisterhood
  • our role as mothers in conscious evolution


sessions 2 – 5 will be lead by Joanne Mcarthy an experienced Midwife based at Guy & St Thomas’ Waterloo

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Jo qualified in Midwifery at Kings College, London and has worked at Guy’s & St Thomas Hospital for nearly 6 years now. Jo is passionate about empowering women to birth their baby well. She has a broad depth of training, experience and skills which enable her to provide a unique and holistic approach to childbirth.

Jo has been present to over 200 births and has worked in all areas of midwifery including antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal. She has even spent time in Africa training midwives in Ethiopia and working clinically in a rural hospital in Uganda. 

She has also travelled across the world to train first-hand with renowned birth expert Ina May Gaskin and also with Michel Odent, obstetrician and childbirth specialist. 

In addition to midwifery Jo has qualified in pregnancy massage using the unique style developed by Suzanne Yates combining massage, movement and shiatsu points.

session 2 – before the “4”

sun 12th march 9:00am – 10:15am

guide to birth prep

*birth partners are very welcome to this session for a £5 supplement*

Joanne Mcarthy a Midwife at St Thomas’ Waterloo will talk on:

  • birth plan and expectations
  • the Latent phase of labour, i.e. the time in labour before you’re 4cm dilated
  • what to expect physiologically
  • how to manage the latent phase at home
  • when to call the midwife 

session 3 – labour & birth

sun 23rd april 9:00am – 10:15am

my birth story

*birth partners are very welcome to this session for a £5 supplement*

Joanne Mcarthy a Midwife at Guy & St Thomas’ will talk on:

  • what to expect during 2nd stage labour in hospital or at home
  • how to prepare for the 2nd stage 
  • pain management options
  • ‘the transition’ explained (7-10cm dilated)
  • dealing with complications; how to stay empowered when things don’t go to plan
  • what to expect during 3rd stage labour 
  • how to prepare for the 3rd stage (perennial massage and pelvic floor) 

session 4 – massage for birthing

sun 21st may 9:00am – 10:15am

pregnancy massage

*birth partners are very welcome to this session for a £5 supplement*

Joanne Mcarthy, pregnancy massage therapist will offer a workshop on:

  • the role of birth partners
  • empowering the birth partner to feel confident supporting the birthing woman 
  • verbal, physical and energetic communication
  • practical and applied massage techniques 
  • pull, push, shake and hang 

session 5 – the 4th trimester – life with a newborn

sun 18th jun 9:00am – 10:15am


Joanne Mcarthy a Midwife at Guy & St Thomas’ will talk on:

  • bonding
  • breastfeeding
  • managing expectations
  • routines
  • attachment theory
  • sleep
  • hormones postnatal depression
  • recovery, rest and the aftermath

price package

each BirthWell talk / workshop session is priced independently from the pregnancy yoga class and brunch which are optional add-on elements.

1 session £25
2 sessions £45
3 sessions £65
4 sessions £85
5 sessions £100
  • birth partners welcome along for the antenatal sessions at a charge of just £5 but unfortunately can’t stay for the yoga (as this is just for the ladies) but then can rejoin the group for the brunch
  • booking is essential and please inform if you and your birth partner would like to be included in the Raw Duck brunch after the yoga class
  • for booking and more information please email

here I discuss the benefits of pregnancy yoga:


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