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adventures with a CorkSpace Yoga Mat


I’ve never been one of these yogi’s that cares much about my yoga mat.


I can honestly say that in all my years of yoga practice, I’ve never actually bothered to invest in buying my own yoga mat. That’s not just because I get them for free as a perk of the job. Sure, I’ve been gifted free luxury mats (she says smugly) to trial out but in all honestly, I’ve never grown fond or attached to them.


Truth is, I’ve never felt precious about what mat I use. I guess you could call me a bit of a mat floozy. I’ll happily throw anything down and downdog on it. Indeed I’ve even been known to throw caution to the wind and be mat-free for much of my practice.


I thought it was me, that I had commitment issues. The idea of having a mat of long-standing service that retains the energetic imprints of years of your own practice did intuitively appeal to me but perhaps I was too capricious and emotionally unavailable to bond with a mat in that way…


It’s not Me, It’s YOU


That was until when it happened…. I fell in love.


It turns out, as with any relationship, if it’s not the ONE, then you can’t be blamed for not feeling it and when you do eventually meet the ONE, you just know and everything changes!


And that is exactly what happened to me during the first time I tried a cork yoga mat. It was love at first practice and I was blown away at how exceptional the mat felt. There was no going back. I had found my mat.


Cork! It seemed so obvious, why hadn’t it been done sooner? Why isn’t this the material of choice across every studio already?! It’s the hands down best choice and I’ll tell you why.


6 key reasons to switch to a cork yoga mat


1.Cork feels so good

The first thing about these mats that stands out is how amazingly good they feel. And that’s immediately from straight out of the box and from the very first practice. Unlike with other mats, there’s no awkward period of needing to get used to the cork mat or ‘break it in ’. CorkSpace mats have a lovely unique texture. There is a high-density cushioned feeling which offers enough suspension for a comfy padded, supported feel yet equally the mat provides a reliable sturdy, grounded feeling. Furthermore the mat feels really soft and smooth to the touch. It rolls out efficiently without ever curling at the ends and rolls up really nicely and satisfyingly too. So you have that lovely sense of sacred beginning and end to your practice with your mat. On an energetic level feeling the natural material underneath you gives you a greater sense of connection to nature when you practice.


2.CorkSpace mats functions well

They are non-slip from the get go. Cork is naturally very absorbent and CorkSpace mat has brilliant grip!

So a test of a good yoga mat is how it fares during that all important frequent transition you make in vinyasa yoga, going from chaturanga to updog to downdog. The CorkSpace mat passed this test with flying colours and offers a good amount of suspension under my hands and importantly, feels great as I roll over the tops of my toes from updog to downdog.

I won’t name and shame but believe it or not, other top-end more expensive luxe mats that I’ve owned have failed this test whose material actually caused injurious scrape burns on the top of my toes! I’m not the only one, I’ve seen many a student practising with plasters on their toes from the injuries sustained from their luxury mat.


So whether you are in a kneeling lunge, rolling around on your tummy or working through your 12th sun salutation, this mat has got your covered.


3. A cork mat is super hygienic


Rubber Yoga mats are particularly good breeding grounds for bacteria. Studies have found that gym equipment, including mats are creating spikes in the spread of germs. The solution is to buy your own mat and the cork space is the way forward. The antimicrobial/ antibacterial properties of cork help to naturally repel mould and mildew away, which means it’s self-cleaning and odour resistant. Plus its really quick and easy to spruce up. Spray with some water with tea tree and peppermint essential oil and the mat dries clean easy


4.Cork is good for you

Cork is natural with no chemicals. Did you know in a lot of common yoga mats contain a chemical known as PFR which is found in studies to be associated with infertility? Shocking! CorkSpace mats are 100% natural so there are no risks there!


 5.Good for the Environment

 An inevitable part of yoga is that the practice inevitably is that you do become more conscious and a cork yoga mat aligns with the yogic ethical principles. CorkSpace is eco-friendly. The cork used is a 100% renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. The way cork is harvested is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Trees are not cut down, instead, the bark is stripped and actually as it regrows it absorbs up to 3 times more CO2 from the air! According to CorkSpace, it is estimated that Cork trees in Portugal alone help offset 10 million tons of carbon every year.Win Win!


6.Great Value

If you consider all the benefits and contrast to their market competitors a cork offers much better value for money. CorkSpace mats are currently on sale at £59 so get your CorkSpace mat here


So now the question really should be, why aren’t you yet using a cork yoga mat?

I for one would love to see cork mats become industry standard and in every studio.