Free guided yoga practices – audio only

Posted on December 17th, 2020 by

It occurred to me that we have an epidemic in the over reliance and use of screens.

Zoom has become a popular format in which to receive yoga classes along with the existing pre-recorded classes online.


This is all good but trying to keep your eyes on a screen to follow along with a sequence can detract from ones yoga experience and misses a trick in terms of cultivating deep listening skills and autonomy.


15 years ago before video was so prolific and easily accessible and when iTunes was a new thing I personally really enjoyed practicing yoga via audio file guided instruction so decided to offer a sequence this way. It’s Time for a come back of the audio yoga class!


So this is a 60 minute free guided vinyasa flow yoga sequence for practitioners that have an existing knowledge of the practice and are familiar with the names of the poses and the typical transitions.


The intermediate should also be able to discern when to modify or adapt the guided practice to suit their needs in the case of any existing injury or issue.