handstand tip #1

Posted on February 8th, 2016 by

handstands are very demanding 

for me, the experience of ‘yoga’ is so prevalent when holding a handstand. I find that you have to be so integrated and whole within your entire being in order to sustain it. Each twitch of muscle fibre, each breath, each movement of your eyes feeds directly into the maintenance of the pose. There is no cheating and no shortcuts in a handstand. Here you’ll cultivate patience and determination and battle self doubt and self criticism all within a split second. I both hate and love handstands equally because they demand so much of me.

this is one of my most useful tips when practising handstands …. Get a pile of blocks, or instead if you have no blocks, use the end of your sofa and rest your forehead on it, and come up that way. 

this is so much better for your technique than using the wall. It allows you to challenge your strength and helps your balance