yoga fundraiser for yoga stops traffick

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real flow yoga at london fields yoga studio for yoga stops traffick fundraiser

we are organising 90 minute yoga class to raise funds for yoga stops traffick 

yoga stops traffick is a worldwide community yoga event run by volunteers to raise awareness about human trafficking and much needed money to support its victims. the official event day is 5th March but we are offering a class a week following.

SAT 11th March 


60 min Yoga practice

10 min Meditation

20 min Yoga Nidra

@ London Fields Yoga Studio, Hackney E8

donation basis

please book your spot in advance by emailing

the Moon will be peaking towards it’s fullness (99.3 % full) of what they call the Worm Moon, so-called because it represents the end of winter when the ground softens and the crows can peck for worms more easily. yum.

real flow yoga lunar yoga flow tammy mittell

so instead of 108 sun salutations as prescribed by the official fundraising initiative, we will flow through a 60 min Real Flow Yoga signature Lunar Flow with me followed by a delicious Meditation and Yoga Nidra lead by studio owner, Elizabeth Garvey, with hands-on assists with Haley Blackman.

Intentional music, candle light, hands-on assists and the transcendent aroma of frankincense will all elevate the experience and create a beautiful atmosphere in which to offer the dedication of our yoga practice for the greater good.

All hearts beat from the same source. Yoga practiced like this offers the opportunity for entrainment, i.e. biochemical, physiological and energetic attunement with others, so that we align our energetic field to that of a higher vibration and we thus cultivate and spread positivity outward and beyond. Jai Ma!

yoga stops traffic

real flow yoga at london fields yoga studio raising for yoga stops traffick

you can also donate directly for the cause here at