Be Guided by the Scent

Posted on November 20th, 2021 by in all-things-yoga blog

  CLOSE YOUR EYES Something you may not have considered before is how our 5 senses are stimulated or curtailed by modern life. Our built up urban environment with excessive time spent indoors and on screens generally places a heavy reliance on our sense of Sight in order to navigate daily life (see Hutmacher, 2019, for a review). Of the 5 senses, the sense that receives the least attention is our sense of smell. Yet there is an emerging realization that… continue reading »

Veganism, Nutrition, Sustainability & Yoga

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Is Veganism a part of Yoga? Do you need to be a vegan in order to be an authentic yoga teacher or practitioner?   For me Yoga has always been more than just a physical practice, it’s been a way of life, which very much influences how I consider what to eat. I was 14 years old when I first started yoga and when I first officially declared myself a vegetarian (as a child I always avoided meat anyway). I was… continue reading »

Free guided yoga practices – audio only

Posted on December 17th, 2020 by in all-things-yoga blog, podcast

It occurred to me that we have an epidemic in the over reliance and use of screens. Zoom has become a popular format in which to receive yoga classes along with the existing pre-recorded classes online.   This is all good but trying to keep your eyes on a screen to follow along with a sequence can detract from ones yoga experience and misses a trick in terms of cultivating deep listening skills and autonomy.   15 years ago before… continue reading »

Postpartum Nutrition: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Times

Posted on May 23rd, 2020 by in podcast, womens wellbeing

In my new Cit, Chat & Chai Podcast I am joined for the first episode by expert Nutritionist Leanne Kifford to discuss the importance of postpartum nutrition. We explore postpartum wisdom from ancient traditional cultures and how they provide key insights into healing and wellbeing to support a new mother not just for early postpartum but in a way that will set her up for the rest of her life. Leanne offers practical and simple to apply tips for self care… continue reading »

A PODCAST EPISODE with Tammy on Yoga & Womb Wisdom

Posted on May 13th, 2020 by in womens wellbeing

  I was delighted to be invited to talk with a lovely yoga teacher friend of mine Rachel Perry for her Podcast show Elevated Elephant  We covered topics including: How Motherhood deepened our yoga practice How our Yoga practice has evolved and taken a more feminine form and approach How womb wisdom has unlocked intuition, empowered our autonomy and expanded our self confidence How womb wisdom attunes us to a flow-state of mind How womb wisdom facilitates our connection to others… continue reading »

My experience with a Doula

Posted on January 8th, 2020 by in womens wellbeing

A Doula serves and supports a woman in her journey to motherhood. They work with a woman and her family during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Often Doula’s within the UK have undergone a foundational level of Doula Specific Training. They are certified, insured and are often registered with the Doula UK, a national non-profit association body. The objective of Doula UK  is to offer women and their families a level of professionalism and quality assurance from the Doula community. Doulas are not necessarily medically trained. They do… continue reading »

Postpartum Tips & Tricks

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‘Early Postpartum’ is generally considered to be the first 40 days after childbirth. It is a delicate and precious time of getting to know your new baby and your new body. Yet it can also be a confusing and overwhelming time.  Traditional Cultures around the world have long practiced and recommended that a new mother and baby stay home. Mexico, India, China, Iran, Morocco are just some of many of the countries that have their own postpartum traditions for rest and recovery, which… continue reading »

Birth Story with Sage -Home Birth Back-to-Back Natural Delivery

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Baby boy Sage Edward Lucas Mittell born at 18:06 on 18th Sep 2019 weighing 9lbs 3 Tues 17th Sep 2019 8:00pm I was 43 days pregnant and the tiredness, aches, twinges and emotions were building each moment of each day. I was watching an episode of Grand Designs when things started to happen. I didn’t think much of the fact that I found myself crying my eyes out because the builders on Grand Designs overcame some construction challenges and made a nice… continue reading »

20 things you didn’t know about Breastfeeding…

Posted on November 29th, 2019 by in womens wellbeing

  The benefits of breastfeeding for mother and baby have long been established. But here are some other less well known amazing things that I’ve recently learned about breastfeeding…   During pregnancy the reason that your nipples get bigger and darker is so that the newborn, whose eyesight isn’t great, can find the boobs. Babies are born extremely near-sighted, which means they can only see things about 8 to 15 inches away, which equates nicely to the distance from a mother’s face… continue reading »

Birth Story with Milo- Hospital Birth- Natural Delivery

Posted on January 1st, 2019 by in pregnancy, womens wellbeing

So does the pregnancy yoga actually work when it comes to birthing your baby?! I would say a resounding yes! I have taught pregnancy yoga for over a decade and have witnessed and been contacted by dozens of happy mothers reporting back with enjoyable pregnancies and positive birth stories, saying that they felt they have benefited from practising pregnancy yoga. “Hi Tammy! It felt like you were my companion of every morning at the end of my pregnancy, so I thought… continue reading »