What is Breathwork?

Breathwork a.k.a ‘Pranayama’ is an integral part of yoga practice and always has been yet today it’s catching on as a new independent trend separated from the yoga practice.

People from all disciplines, backgrounds and all walks of life are starting to realise the incredible transformative powers of conscious breath-work techniques and incorporating it into their own practices and lifestyles.

What is the purpose / benefits of Breathwork?

  • healing
  • trauma release
  • deep rest
  • enhanced focus
  • deep meditation
  • access of flow state
  • relieves physical pain
  • increases digestion
  • boosts mood
  • improves sleep
  • improves posture
  • performance enhancement in sports and martial arts
  • optimal wellbeing
  • connect to our highest sense of purpose
  • the gateway to the deepest dimensions of our Self

How is breath-work practiced?

In a cool calm well ventilated space away from distraction. Often seated or lying down but there are some more vigorous energising techniques that involve standing and movement.

Price & Availability of Womb Massage

1-2-1 is £50 for 60 minutes  I have a heated dedicated studio space in my garden in Broadstairs


contraindications for breathwork

Always seek a trained professional for breathwork.

Certain and specific breathwork techniques can be harmful physically, mentally and emotionally if practiced incorrectly without a qualified professional.

There are some circumstances where breathwork is not suitable:

Some  Breathwork techniques are not recommended if:

  • during menstruation
  • if there is a high level of trauma and little embodiment
  • on certain medications
  • if poorly or in bad health
  • if undergoing a mental health crises