children & schools

I am CRB checked and regularly teach yoga to children. I offer workshops and class sessions to children at primary and secondary schools around London. contact tammy to arrange a consultation.

yoga is very compatible with schooling children and keeping them fit and healthy. It is accessible to children of all ages and of all fitness levels.

as children grow, their flexibility will change. From the ages 10-13 their bones tend to grow faster than muscle so flexibility reduces, thus it is important at this age to stretch to bring about lifelong health benefits because elasticity of the muscles reduce with age.

the physical benefits being a gentle and fun way to improve flexibility and strength, co-ordination and balance which all reduce risk of injury.

on a mental and emotional level yoga (including the relaxation techniques) brings about better sleep patterns, improved concentration, focus, calmness as well as confidence and self-esteem, harnesses their creativity and imagination as well as provides them tools to manage stress and anxiety.

on an educational level children learn about anatomy and physiology and at the same time gain a sense of awareness and respect for themselves, others and the world around them.