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mat pilates with emphasis on improving your posture and building a strong core. Foundations of technique and alignment are emphasised. You’ll walk out feeling taller and stronger.  Pilates is ideal if you you want to build real strength or if you have any back issues or postural weakness.

BLOK flow signature yoga class

BLOK flow is BLOK studio’s signature yoga flow class, curated by Ida May it offers a stimulating combination of yoga, primal movement and hiit training. cross training in this way brings about versatility of movement to promote real strength, agility and total body balance. Each individual will be challenged in a unique way – be it from the breath integration and stillness of mind, or a demand to power through intense bodyweight moves. 



6:30-7:30am pilates


9:50-10:50am BLOK yoga flow




7 day unlimited trial £30

or 10 classes £120



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