tammy’s pure-core method

pure-core method for sport prep & recovery

Yoga offers a magnitude of benefits and solutions but may not always be the appropriate option in every circumstance. Through working with professional athletes I have found that it is especially important to tailor the training intensity and approach around the athletes’ sport.

This is why I have devised the pure-core method  as a complete workout for optimal training and athletic performance.  The pure-core method is made up of the before-core workout for preparation for sport and the after-core workout for recovery from sport. The pure-core method is based on the principle of enlivening body intelligence from the core of your being.

The pure-core method is greater than simple core-conditioning. It considers a person’s core as not only an anatomical skeletal-muscular structure in space but also the energetic and subtle place from deep within, which comprises of a person’s neurology. As such, the pure-core method revolves around supporting 2 main nerve centres of the body, the spine and the solar plexus. Unique techniques are used to create, stimulate, reinforce and release motor-neural pathways between body and brain that specifically enhance athletic performance.

practice the before-core 45mins workout 20mins before sport

The before-core workout provides an ideal and complete warm up for optimal athletic performance and injury prevention. It is ideally practiced 20 minutes before sport. It is designed to awaken body intelligence by creating and stimulating motor-neural pathways and unlike yoga, it stresses the dynamic flexibility receptors of the muscles in order to actually restrain flexibility in preparation for activities such as running, kicking and jumping. A series of complex movement patterns are practised in constant motion with dynamic stretches and controlled breathing to help keep body temperature raised and prepare the nervous system and motor ability for sport. The before-core workout activates muscles and joints in a specific way that simulate the motions it will likely repeat in sport.  It increases range of movement, blood and oxygen flow to the brain and to the soft tissue in order to enhance muscle reflex, agility and co-ordination.


practice the after-core 45mins workout 20mins after sport

The after-core workout provides an ideal and complete warm down for recovery and restoration from sport. It is ideally practiced 20 minutes after sport. It is designed to restore the body’s equilibrium and allow for healing by focusing on the central nervous system and the solar plexus and supporting the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for calming us down after exertion. The after-core workout involves passive and static stretching and breath-work to allow a deep release of tension which helps to lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase circulation and help redirect blood to the endocrine glands and digestive system. Regular practice of the after-core workout facilitates the reduction of cortisol in the bloodstream, allows for better nutrient extraction from food, eliminates toxins and boosts the immune system. Joints are kept stable and muscles supple.

tammy is available to share the pure-core method with clients in a group setting or on a 1-2-1 basis. contact her for more information on rates and availability