thai yoga massage

thai yoga massage

thai yoga massage is an incredibly powerful form of bodywork  that combines acupressure, gentle stretching and applied yoga postures. As the practitioner, I position and facilitate the yoga stretches for the receiver of the massage. 

during a treatment the client will be fully clothed and will be positioned either lying on their front, side, back or sometimes seated. I will use my hands, feet, forearms, elbows and knees to apply pressure along energy channels known as Sen lines. The client is pressed, rocked and stretched in order to release blockages and stimulate the free flow of energy. 

the massage creates a great sense of wellbeing and release throughout the whole body. In a similar way to what a deep tissue massage may feel like, thai yoga massage creates a deep release of muscle tension but achieves this result in a less invasive or painful way. Thai yoga massage also invokes an uplifting state of lightness and relaxation similar to what a savasana (final relaxation) feels like after a yoga practice. After a treatment, you will feel renewed and like you can float out of the room. 

I would recommend thai yoga massage for anyone that feels stiff, exhausted or stressed or if someone is dealing with any back, shoulder, hip or pelvic issues. It is also really suitable and very helpful for pregnant or postnatal ladies. 

1 hour massage £60

1.5 hour massage £75

available in Hove in my home studio, BN3 6BH