10 signs that you need a yoga retreat

Posted on December 7th, 2017 by

tammys yoga hove

1 you don’t have enough time

you’ll never have ‘enough time’. You need to make time. Your wellbeing depends on it! With constant stimulation and sensory overload, we keep ourselves busy  and scatter our time and energy thinly. We over invest in socializing which can be draining. It not only depletes us financially, but physically, emotionally and mentally. But there comes a time to say No. Sometimes we need to force ourselves to stop and slow down in order to move forward in a more meaningful way.

2. you’re needing a body M.O.T 

a yoga retreat involves an extra long morning and evening yoga practice. it’s a chance to kick start your fitness regime, become more supple, strong and toned. You’ll also experience an increase in balance and body awareness and improvement in your posture. It’s a chance to pay attention to and heal old injuries and lay the foundations to prevent future injuries. Furthermore, yoga is proven to boost the immune system, improve digestion, increase metabolism, improve circulation. It also helps regulate hormone secretions which create emotional balance and improved moods

3. you can’t switch off or let go

a yoga retreat allows time and space to properly teach you techniques for deep relaxation, stress reduction and better sleep. You’ll experience the deeper subtle elements of yoga practice which allow you break bad habits patterns and create new positive ones.

4. there’s a lotta mental chitter chatter

breathing techniques are taught which calm the nervous system and quieten  mental turbulence,  plus increase concentration, focus, memory and serenity

5. you’ve experienced a recent rollercoaster of emotions

offers a space  and chance to healthily process and release any residual tension as a result of past emotional imbalance, feelings perhaps suppressed or avoided.

6. you want to improve your downdog

become confident and poised in any posture. Tips & Tricks for postures, understand the anatomy points of alignment in the pose, so you know and feel yourself doing it right

7. you want to try new things

never tried scrambled tofu in tamari and toasted seeds for brekkie? On a yoga retreat you’ll get a chance to experience all kind of new things, not just within the yoga practice or meditation but there are often additional activities that can be included. learn to surf, try hiking mountains in the alps, abseiling, horse riding, white water rafting, the possibilities are endless

8. in need of some inspiration

yoga is a living breathing practical philosophy. Here we will explore the theory and historical, cultural and applied context for practice

9. crave nature

on retreat you’re likely to be surrounded by beautiful nature which is really restorative and helps enliven your creativity, inspiration and awakens your soul. 

10. need some perspective

you’ll get some quiet undistracted down-time to to reflect on what you value,  what you live for. Gain focus and clarity, awaken creativity and passion. Awaken your intuition. Bring your energy back to the things that are essential to a joyful life. A yoga retreat will leave you not just ready, but excited to take on the world!

Here are the UK based weekend gettaway retreats that I’ll be teaching yoga on in 2018

check here for more details

19th – 21st JAN 2018 Wellbeing Retreat
9th – 11th March 2018 Wellbeing Retreat
30th MAR- 2nd April 2018 Wellbeing Retreat
4th-7th May 2018 Intermediate Retreat