sorry about the less classes, I’ve gone to learn a living

Posted on October 14th, 2013 by

You may have noticed that the Thursdays 7:15pm Hatha class at Space, Shoreditch is being taught by Emma, that is because I have gone back to university to do a Masters in Yoga & the Traditions of Meditation at SOAS.

I’ve been making a living out of teaching yoga for 6 years now and not a day goes by when I don’t count my lucky stars. However  I may come across, I do take all this stretching quite seriously.  For me, teaching yoga is not just a job, it’s not even a career, it’s a lifestyle, it has been a lifestyle for millions of people for thousands of years and I believe that it is essential to learn this living in order to earn this living,so I’m sorry for the fewer classes for now.

3 weeks into the Masters and blimey it is intense! Just reading a research paper I need to have wiki and  the dictionary open in order to understand all of the long words. Apparently in order to approach the study of yoga you must first have a good knowledge base and understanding of sociology, theology, philosophy, theosophy, psychology, neurology, religion and history and that’s the stuff in English!…then there is Sanskrit language where the letters basically are just squiggles.

At the moment I’m researching for an essay on how the philosopher Kant effectively shaped our conscious subjective mind in a way we take for granted and his work brought about the era of the free-thinker known as the Age of Enlightenment’ and how the intellectuals of the time constructed the religion ‘Buddhism’ in order to provide the support for ‘Enlightenment’ movement because they saw Buddha to be a renegade that controversially broke away from the brahmanical religious/political order that was prevalent in India,  he instead took his own religiosity and spirituality into his own hands by stripping away ritual, ceremony etc.  Buddha was a rebel hippy, who would of thunk it!  Alas I digress, I’m still teaching Tuesdays classes, hopefully see you then.