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here is a short note on the concept of mind and the value of meditation and how it is done.

thinking is a powerful tool but over-thinking is a weapon of self-destruction

the common mis-identification of the concept of mind as the brain in the head is what creates so much confusion and turmoil. Actually, your mind is not just your brain and physically located in your head. Your mind is actually everywhere in your body. It is your consciousness, your aliveness. It permeates every single cell. Every single cell in your body is brimming with intelligence. Every cell has the ability to process, recall and react to information it receives from it’s surroundings. Every cell has what you could call, a memory and can understand emotional states. 

understanding your mind AS your body may require a shift in your perspective and a re-balancing of your attention out of the head-space and down into the body space.  By acknowledging and respecting that the body Is the mind, you acknowledge integration and unity and  in effect show the body the respect it deserves. The body’s intelligence becomes more audible to your consciousness and you soon learn to pick up the signs it is giving. For e.g.;  “I need rest, I need fuel, I am experiencing this or that emotional state”. 

meditation awakens your awareness to the ever-present bodies’  intelligence. Thus, meditation is the key to expanding the mind.

use meditation to remedy the over-thinking mind. You are not your thoughts. You are the space between your thoughts. Getting into this space is key to experiencing inner peace and unlocking your creative potential. This space IS the state of Meditation. This space is not an emptiness but a fullness. It IS your higher consciousness. This space is the true YOU. Entering it requires the continuous steering of your attention, which can take practice and dedication. Focus and Steering but not forcing.

The technique of Meditation is so simple that sometimes it’s hard to grasp! 

Here I outline a simple technique:

All you need to know is that Meditation is not stopping your thoughts or pushing them away. It is letting them go because they are NOT who you are. Understand that your attention is vastly more valuable than you’re your thoughts. As easy as a train of thought arises, you can let it dissolve away. Give your attention to something other than your thoughts such as your breathing. As you listen, observe and feel each breath, if a thought arises, just steer your attention back to listening, observing and feeling your breath. The thought will dissolve. Sometimes the thought doesn’t dissolve and you find your attention drifts along and gets carried away by it. That’s OK don’t beat yourself up, it’s totally normal for that to happen. Instead, return to the technique of placing you attention on your breath. Feel, observe and listen to the space within the breaths and between the breaths. Feel reassured that each new moment of the breath is a new opportunity to allow a thought to dissolve and experience the space between the thoughts. When you are in this space, enjoy it, bask and bathe in it because it is everything. 

there are many traditions and lineages of meditation that advocate different methods. Over the years, I have studied and practised many styles and methods. My conclusion is that specificity of method is not important. Whatever suits your cultural and personal preference is fine. Using the simple method I’ve outlined above is just as valid and profound as any other method. Don’t be fooled into believing that meditation technique need to be sophisticated and complex to be real meditation. The ancient Chinese didn’t have a word for religion or meditation, they used to just refer to it as ‘sitting’. It’s the over analytical brain that likes to make things complicated. So when you experience a meditation method that you find effective, persevere with it.