UK yoga retreats 2017

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norfolk retreat

take 2, 3 or 5 days to properly unwind, cleanse, nourish and treat yourself are the market leaders in UK yoga retreats and have been running for 10 years now, I have been involved teaching yoga with them for a large part of their time and I can honestly say they are amazing at creating the most inspiring and transformative yoga retreats. Guests love the retreats because of  the combination of:

  • access to the most exclusive and unique venues
  • talented knowledgeable chefs prepare healthy delicious food
  • beautiful countryside locations for walks and exploring
  • peaceful yoga space
  • great massage therapists
  • attentative, warm and friendly staff, hosts
  • great activities and workshops
  • and of course, expert yoga teachers 🙂

here are the adventureyogi retreats that I will be teaching yoga and hosting on this year:

see for full details of the retreats and for booking. click the images to link to the retreat

10th – 12th FEB 

  wellbeing and yoga – bicester, oxfordshire

relax in beautiful surroundings. 

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these retreats have been running for over 9 years now, so are a well and truly perfected relaxing yet rejuvenating escape. The combination of healthy foods, twice daily yoga and relaxing atmosphere make this rural retreat a magical experience time after time.

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£375 – £550 per person 



21st – 23rd MARCH

  clean living cooking and lifestyle course

practical and hands-on course in raw food, vegan cuisine, juicing, fasting and detoxification, including a retreat experience with yoga and meditation included

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* 3rd 10 bookings get: a FREE ½ HOUR MASSAGE

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5th -8th MAY 

  3 day detox yoga – east sussex

a chance to cleanse your body and re-set your mind

from £449 per person

east sussex


9th – 14th JUNE 

 5 day detox and yoga – east sussex

a 5-day full detox package to really empower you to create positive new habits

from £695 per person

cooking course


25th – 28th AUG 

  wellbeing and yoga – norfolk

relax in beautiful surroundings

from £365 per person


typically, for each retreat prices include:

  •  beautiful accommodation in a stately home or countryside manor or barn
  •  herbal teas with nut before yoga
  • daily guided silent morning walk
  • morning energising yoga and meditation practice 
  • delicious and wholesome veggie/vegan breakfasts 
  • hour -long guided walk in the beautiful countryside
  • nutritious whole food vegetarian lunch 
  • evening restorative yoga with meditation and yoga nidra
  • hearty vegetarian/vegan evening meals with a wheat,sugar, dairy free dessert
  • use of splendid and well-equipped yoga studio

 10 reasons to go on a yoga retreat

1 quality not quantity of life experience

Make quality time for yourself to truly replenish and get back to your centre. With constant stimulation and sensory overload, we keep ourselves busy and seek refuge in accumulating life experiences. We scatter our time and energy thinly in this never-ending striving which often results in pleasure-seeking. We over invest in socializing which can be really draining. It not only depletes us financially, but physically, emotionally and mentally.

2. more than skin deep

become more supple, strong and toned, increase balance and body awareness, improve your posture, heal old injuries, prevent future injuries. Furthermore, yoga triggers biochemical reactions which increase the effciency of the functionality of all bodily systems.  Proven to boost the immune system, improve digestion, increase metabolism, improve circulation. Yoga also helps to regulate horemone secretions which allow for emotional balance and improved moods

3. learn to relax properly

techniques to deeply relax and generally sleep better, let go of deeply held negative and inefficient habitual holding patterns which cause tension, imbalance and dis-ease

4. mental calm and clarity

techniques to calm mental turbulence and increase concentration, focus, memory and serenity

5. emotional wellbeing

offers a space  and chance to healthily process and release any residual tension as a result of past emotional imbalance, feelings perhaps suppressed or avoided.

6. get really good at yoga

become confident and poised in any posture. Tips & Tricks for postures, understand the anatomy points of alignment in the pose, so you know and feel yourself doing it right

7. try new things

on a yoga retreat you’ll get a chance to experience all kind of new things, not just within the yoga practice or meditation but there are often additional activities that can be included. learn to surf, try hiking mountains in the alps, abseiling, horse riding, white water rafting, the possibilities are endless

8. living philosophy

yoga is a living breathing practical philosophy. Here we will explore the theory and historical, cultural and applied context for practice

9. be in nature

being surrounded by beautiful nature is really restorative and helps enliven your creativity, inspiration and awakens your soul. 

10. get some perspective

take time to reflect on what you value,  what you live for. Gain focus and clarity, awaken creativity and passion. Awaken your intuition. Bring your energy back to the things that are essential to a joyful life. A yoga retreat will leave you not just ready, but excited to take on the world!