testimonials: summer alpine yoga retreat

overall holiday experience:

“Absolutely brilliant. Every little detail had been considered and was perfect. I know it’s changed me for the better Excellent. Duncan and Amy were very welcoming and amazing hosts. The scenery was incredible and brilliant accommodation. Very relaxing and refreshing holiday. Also amazing yoga. Absolutely brilliant. Best holidays ever Excellent. Especially as Amy and Duncan the Hosts and the Yoga Teacher Tammy all went out of their way to be very helpful Totally exceeded my expectations.”

“The yoga, food, hospitality and overall experience was amazing Holistic in every way – mind, body and spirit – loved the physical activities (rafting, horseriding, swimming, hiking etc) with first class yoga….feel rejuvenated (got my mojo back!)”

would you do this kind of retreat again?… with us?… in the Alps?

YES (All 14 guests answered YES to all!)


“So friendly and laid back yet completely professional. You couldn’t have done anymore Excellent food and really appreciated how Duncan & Amy drove us all around most days and would go out of their way to help us Amazing. You took care of us so well. Everything was seriously brilliant Excellent Amy and Duncan always went out of their way; way more than would be expected and it was always appreciated.”

 “Excellent! Overwhelmed by the care and concern, the hosts really put themselves out – took us everywhere and looked after us and responded to everyone’s specific needs.”

food & menu

“Delicious food and varied menu. I was worried it wouldn’t be filling enough but it was more than enough Gorgeous – Everyone was raving about it. It’s really inspired me for cooking at home.”

“Brilliant. I am not vegetarian and I was a bit worried about not being able to resist meat but I absolutely loved everything and I am even thinking about changing my diet to be vegetarian. The picinic day was probably the best picnic that I have ever been to! Breakfast and lunch were perfect. Dinner was fantastic Loved the detox menu – it was consistently excellent – more than enough….great variety – beautifully presented and laid out”


“Gorgeous chalet, incredible views. Loved the hot tub! Lovely situation – gorgeous views. The chalet, the situation, the bedrooms, the bed….all perfect Excellent We were really happy with our luxury room with panoramic views Chalet was outstanding, beautiful and comfortable. Open access to the kitchen etc so it felt like ‘home’”

the local area?

“The best views, good shops, excellent facilities and hikes – would definitely come back here, it is pretty and has everything you needed. Really nice and beautiful village. Perfect for a quiet holiday and also to experience new things. I’ve never done paragliding and rafting before which were great! Good Fantastic, the facilities, walks and activities were superb Picture perfect resort with endless activities. Great location to get to so many places I would definitely come back in the winter for skiing/ snowboarding or another yoga retreat – it is a beautiful place with beautiful people!”

the yoga?

“Very beneficial indeed. Brilliant yoga, didn’t feel like a chore at all to be getting up at 7.20am everyday. Tammy has so much knowledge and made everything really interesting. I liked how she pushed us and that it wasn’t just the same each time. I loved it. The atmosphere was great. Friendly and supportive so it didn’t matter if you couldn’t do something or what level you were. Each class was different which made them fascinating and stimulating. Tammy knows so much, she was inspiring and kind and made me want to do loads more”

“Absoluetly GREAT. This retreat has helped me a lot to get the postures better and get deeper into the philosophy and routine. I will definitely try to practice more often Excellent Excellent, I really learnt a lot about my body. Tammy was a fantastic teacher. Haven’t really done much yoga before but it is definitely something I will now practice regularly The yoga was challenging and very energising – the pace was fast and continous which stretched you a lot. Physically I reached new heights and did not know that I could (like headstands!)”


“Really difficult at the beginning, but practising everyday helped to get into the routine, even though sometimes the only thing that came to my mind was chocolate and cheese”

” A challenge to keep concentration but something I really benefited from and will work on it”

“Enjoyed the head space and the wisdom of the teacher as she talked us through it – felt quite emotional!”

evening discourses?

“Very interesting and made me want to read up on yoga and learn more Interesting, especially as we got to know each other which stimulated discussion. Really helpful. I did learn a lot of new things I didn’t know before about chakras, mantras chanting and ayurveda which was really interesting. Very nicely thought out and prepared booklet by Tammy Excellent, a lot of thought put into it and it helped put the yoga and meditation practice into context Covered a huge/wide range of topics, Tammy’s knowledge was grounded in much reading and research and she should be confident about her ability to transmit this to others”

the schedule?

“Worked really well. Everything fitted together and flowed and I never felt rushed, yet did everything I wanted to do. Good It was quite good. It wasn’t painful getting up early at all and it meant we had time to do all the amazing things we’ve done. Excellent Very good Excellent – good timetable!”

what were your favourite bits?

“Horseriding, enjoying the scenery, meeting and making friends with everybody and progressing in yoga. And the food! Rafting, yoga, dinner…it was all good! Pretty much everything Yoga and Massage Yoga, food, hospitality, picnic The rafting, the picnic, the physicality of the yoga, conquering fears and achieving goals (hiking!)”

what were the not so good bits?

“Can’t think of any Only one minor thing was that I found the duvets too hot! I can’t complain about anything…Everything was great. It would have been great to stay for 2 weeks”

price? Value for money?

“Outstanding. Couldn’t believe what a great holiday I had and how many things were included and packed into it for such good value Value for money was amazing I think it’s been really good value for money. I couldn’t believe the price. Excellent Outstanding value for money It was excellent value for money!”

how could we improve? any suggestions? anything we should change?

“Make it longer….? As I said before, nothing to complain about. I felt really welcomed from the beginning and it was great how you all took care of us so gracefully. THANKS!”

what do you feel you have you learned/gained from the experience?

“I’ve learnt a lot about yoga and become more interested in it, made some friends, had a relaxing holiday I was looking for and feel much better for it. I feel better in myself. Thank-you for a fantastic holiday. So Much. I haven’t thought about my body before, it’s made me think about exercise and stretching, the food I eat and how it all affects me. I need to spend more time on me and pay more attention to my body. I hope I can keep it up when back in London – I really think I’ll be able to keep at least some of it up – most importantly the yoga I have learnt a lot about my body, how to take care of it, how to face our fears and socialise and live for a week with people you don’t really know. It’s been an amazing experience.”

“Thank-you so much for such a wonderful week! Lots! Will go back and continue yoga! I’ve learnt that yoga is definitely something that I want to pursue. Thank-you I feel stronger and more focused about going back to face the ‘real world’ –it has re-energised me and given me confidence. It has kick started a new health regime and I’ve even lost weight…will keep it up.”