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R E A L  F L O W  Yoga Teacher Training Course

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Become a yoga teacher that is ever-evolving, inspiring and intuitive.
Become a student-focused adaptable teacher that teaches REAL people. Learn a broad range of yoga ‘styles’, flowing from dynamic to restorative yoga.

what is Real Flow Yoga?

 An approach to yoga practice that reminds us how to access the intelligence innate within ourselves. 

Real Flow Yoga simply provides the framework to access, cultivate and sustain our connection to the Source of creativity so that we may align ourselves always with the flow of life itself. To be in real flow is to be fully focused, attentive and receptive to the moment. Being in real flow creates optimal living. It expands our consciousness and brings a vibrancy, joy and deep involvement within ordinary daily life. 


Teacher training objective and aims

  • unlock your gifts as a yoga teacher by strengthening your own connection to the flow experience
  • become proficient in consciously entering the state of flow and help guide, inspire and empower your students to evoke real flow for themselves
  • become proficient, intuitive and adaptable
  • develop technical skills in equal measure to creative flow
  • through the process of ‘teacher training’ we play the role of the scientist, the artist and the philosopher as we experiment and explore the ancient teachings, techniques and tools of the tradition of yoga.
  • the immersive learning will allow for deep self-enquiry that can awaken the intelligence in every cell of our body, expand our consciousness and remind us of our connection to the Source. So that together we do our part in raising the vibration and consciousness of our community, society and humanity.

practical, pragmatic, non-dogmatic and applied

  • real teaching experience
  • real adaptability and responsivity
  • real in-depth understanding of yoga practice and theory
  • real opportunities for community building
  • real business management skills including branding & marketing
  • real network building and support with access to pooled information & resources



Real Flow yoga TTC has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Graduates from the TTC are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with  Yoga Alliance Professionals with the level of a  200 hour certification which qualifies you as a graduate to gain insurance and teach yoga in the UK. the endorsement of this highly-regarded body gives you as students the designation Trainee Yoga Teacher (TYT) and provides you with insurance to teach up to two classes a week whilst under training. when you have completed the course, you will be able to register your RYT 200 qualification which is recognised worldwide and allows you become insured to teach worldwide. 


*if sessions are missed additional costs may be incurred for receiving 1-2-1 catch-up sessions
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