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R E A L  F L O W  Yoga Teacher Training Course

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Become a yoga teacher that is ever-evolving, inspiring and intuitive.
Become a student-focused adaptable teacher that teaches REAL people. Learn a broad range of yoga ‘styles’, flowing from dynamic to restorative yoga.

duration of yoga teacher training

3 months training Aug 26th – Nov 26th 2017

ideal yoga training course structure

combination of Retreats and Weekend workshops make this teacher training not only optimal for learning and processing but also an enjoyable experience!
Module 1 – 14 day Immersion at Surf Maroc in Morocco (Tagazhout)
Module 2 (3 weekends over Sep / Oct) in London Fields Studio, London
Module 3 -3 nights in Kent Countryside Retreat

investment into your future

£3,000 includes both retreats and all tuition, £450 deposit, rest is payable in instalments before end of July

what is Real Flow Yoga?

‘Spanda’ is the Sanskrit term used to describe the creative principle. Spanda is said to manifest all of life through spontaneous, vibrating pulsation. Real Flow Yoga is essentially a way of honouring Spanda, the flow of creativity.

Real Flow Yoga is NOT a new style of yoga. Real Flow yoga is not a yoga-fusion or re-invention of Yoga. All of the wisdom has already been gifted to us and so Real Flow Yoga is simply an approach to yoga practice that reminds us how to access the intelligence innate within ourselves. 

Real Flow Yoga simply provides the framework to access, cultivate and sustain our connection to the Source of creativity so that we may align ourselves always with the flow of life itself. To be in real flow is to be fully focused, attentive and receptive to the moment. Being in real flow creates optimal living. It expands our consciousness and brings a vibrancy, joy and deep involvement within ordinary daily life. 


Real Flow Yoga qualities & framework

The 3 principle qualities that Real Flow Yoga emphasises are:


The 3 qualities are cultivated through the framework of:

INSTINCT of the body-mind
INTELLECT of the brain-mind
INTUITION of the heart-mind


Teacher training objective and aims

  • unlock your gifts as a yoga teacher by strengthening your own connection to the flow experience
  • become proficient in consciously entering the state of flow and help guide, inspire and empower your students to evoke real flow for themselves
  • become proficient, intuitive and adaptable
  • develop technical skills in equal measure to creative flow
  • through the process of ‘teacher training’ we play the role of the scientist, the artist and the philosopher as we experiment and explore the ancient teachings, techniques and tools of the tradition of yoga.
  • the immersive learning will allow for deep self-enquiry that can awaken the intelligence in every cell of our body, expand our consciousness and remind us of our connection to the Source. So that together we do our part in raising the vibration and consciousness of our community, society and humanity.

practical, pragmatic, non-dogmatic and applied

  • real teaching experience
  • real adaptability and responsivity
  • real in-depth understanding of yoga practice and theory
  • real opportunities for community building
  • real business management skills including branding & marketing
  • real network building and support with access to pooled information & resources



Real Flow Yoga Ethos & Values

This yoga teacher training values, and provides a strong grounding in:

  • functional anatomy
  • awareness of subtle energy and energetic alignment
  • structural integrity, postural stability and core strength as much full range mobility posturing
  • sequencing skill that is intelligent and logical yet creative, playful and inspiring
  • ability to orchestrate the balance between planning and structure vs. freedom and spontaneity
  • acknowledge sacred silence as much as eloquent verbal queuing and confident and safe hand-on assists
  • understand yoga philosophy and make it real and relevant to your students
  • broad knowledge and versatility: several of the most prominent traditional and contemporary lineages and systems of yoga are studied and acknowledged along the way. However Real Flow Yoga does not adhere to any one style of yoga and focuses instead on continuously gauging and exploring tempo and intensity of practice that best meets the student
  • yoga is a personal journey of transformation that is accessible to anyone and everyone is entitled to this, no matter the age, background or experience so as a teacher of real flow you will recognise how to adapt and accommodate the needs and energies of the student

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3- month course, Optimal Training Schedule

the structure of the Real Flow Yoga teacher training course offers an optimal combination of immersive intensive training for the chance to delve-in, explore deeply and experience the transformative powers of yoga first-hand yet also the structure also provides you with ample time to process, assimilate and ponder upon your discoveries and learning. You will qualify in 3 months, which is an ideal amount of time to gain sufficient teaching experience to give you the confidence to teach and also not too long so as to avoid losing the momentum and passion for study.

Experience an Immersion into Yoga…

In order to teach authentic yoga, one must first experience the healing and transformative potency of the practice for oneself. Module 1 of the yoga teacher training course will be a journey into self-practice and self-inquiry. This intensive module will take place in a beautiful natural location and this year it will be Morocco. It will allow you to step out of your usual routine and life in order to allow you to break old habits, and create new positive ones. It’s a chance to bring great positive change in your own life where needed.

we recognise the importance of the insights that you receive from your own practice and how these will pave the path and create the light needed to guide others in their yoga practice. The immersion will be a chance to develop your physical practice, will involve deep meditation and relaxation and you will also gain applied understanding of the art and technical skill of teaching yoga.

…and UK-Based Weekend Modules

the remaining modules will take place over three weekends, three in London, with the final module taking place in a retreat setting in a countryside retreat centre. Weekend training allows you to fit your study around your busy life and also allows you to begin to really integrate the training into your everyday life. We will support you in your journey to becoming a teacher with regular contact, study groups with your peers and on-hand 1-2-1 contact with your tutor.


Course Structure, Syllabus & Dates

Completed in 3 months (Aug 26th – Nov 26th 2017)

Instinct moduleMorocco 2 weeks (Aug 26th – Sept 9th 2017)

Intellect module p1– Anatomy & Physiology (2 day London weekend)

Intellect module p2 – History of Yoga (2 day London weekend)

Intellect module p3 – Philosophy of Yoga (2 day London weekend)

Intuition module – Teaching Contexts and Business of Yoga (UK countryside retreat 3 nights)


Instinct module  – Immerse in the experience of yoga

Yoga & Meditation Practice & Teaching Methodology (120 contact hours)

26th Aug – 9th Sep 2017

the first 2- weeks of the course take place in Taghazhout, Morocco, staying with the fantastic Surf Maroc. The intensive training will involve deep yoga practice and meditation and is intended to awaken the body-mind so that you experience the transformative effects of yoga first hand. The beautiful retreat setting away from your usual routine and life allows you the space to blossom as a yoga teacher, to break through any restrictive conditioning in your own life where needed and to create a new positive habits so that you can teach yoga authentically.

the villa

then once home, you have a few weeks to allow the experience to settle as you then allow the yoga to integrate into your everyday life. The Instinct Module is intended to get the cerebral-brain firing on all cylinders when back at home. These 3 weekends take place at the London Fields Yoga 

side plank

3 London-based weekend modules

Intellect Modules –

Intellect 1 – Anatomy & Physiology

at London Fields Yoga Studio

23rd & 24th Sep 2017

Intellect 2 & 3 History of Yoga & Philosophy of Yoga

London Fields Yoga Studio

7-8th Oct

21st & 22nd Oct 2017


Intuition Module – 4 day Immersion

An assimilation of all of the previous learnings and the opportunity to bring it altogether to become a Real Flow yoga teacher

in a UK Retreat Centre –

The How-to of teaching in different contexts such as 1-2-1’s, workshops, yoga therapy

and Business of Yoga

16th – 19th Nov 2017

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Expert Teaching Faculty

the yoga teachers have unique backgrounds and a diverse range of teaching and training experience that make them true authentic experts in their field. The common thread that unites the teaches is their intuitive approach to teaching.


elizabeth garvey

davin jones 

haley blackman

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price of the training course

the price is as affordable as could be made considering that two retreat experiences are included.

£3,000 is payable with the option of making it in 3 instalments

email to discuss and arrange your payment plan

a 30% deposit is required to reserve your booking

what’s included in the £3,000:

  • training with Expert faculty, Tammy Mittell, Elizabeth Garvey, Haley Blackman and Helen O’Neil
  • 2 week immersion programme in Morocco – All meals, transfers, accommodation included in the price
  • 3 weekends study in London 
  • 1 weekend immersion with in the countryside
  • access to online course manual
  • access to online study portal for Anatomy and Physiology
  • insurance whilst training to be able to teach 2 yoga classes a week
  • qualification accredited by Yoga Alliance 200hr teacher training

price : not included

  • flights and travel insurance to Morocco
  • travel and accommodation to London modules
  • travel to UK retreat centre
  • extra course books needed to study from the recommended reading list
  • hard copy of course manual
  • any extra tuition outside of the allotted amount


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Real Flow yoga TTC has met the stringent requirements set by Yoga Alliance Professionals. Graduates from the TTC are trained to the highest standard and are eligible to register with  Yoga Alliance Professionals with the level of a  200 hour certification which qualifies you as a graduate to gain insurance and teach yoga in the UK. the endorsement of this highly-regarded body gives you as students the designation Trainee Yoga Teacher (TYT) and provides you with insurance to teach up to two classes a week whilst under training. when you have completed the course, you will be able to register your RYT 200 qualification which is recognised worldwide and allows you become insured to teach worldwide. 


*if sessions are missed additional costs may be incurred for receiving 1-2-1 catch-up sessions
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