Taster Workshop: Intro to RealFlow Yoga Teacher Training Program

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Find out more about the course and becoming a yoga teacher FREE WORKSHOP

2:00-4:00pm SAT 11th MARCH 2017 @ londonfieldsyoga studio,100 Arthaus,  195- 205 Richmond Road,  E8 3NJ

booking essential. email to book your place

a 45-min Real Flow yoga practice

15 mins of exploring the art of assisting

Q & A with Teacher Trainers Elizabeth Garvey & Tammy Mittell

more info on the Real Flow Yoga Ethos and Objectives of the TTC

tea and snacks

Real Flow Yoga Teacher Training Course 200-hour (YAP Certified)



yoga stops traffic

4:30-6:00pm Sat 11th March Donation-basis 90-min Real Flow Yoga plus meditation and Yoga Nidra to raise for yoga stops traffic @London Fields Yoga Studio, Hackney, E8. email to book your place. 

real flow yoga at london fields yoga studio for yoga stops traffick fundraiser



BirthWell antenatal course

at london fields yoga studio

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next dates:

sun 12th march 9:00am – 10:15am -early labour

sun 21st may 9:00am – 10:15am – latent labour

sun 18th jun 9:00am – 10:15am – life with a newborn

see here for full details



  The Complete Ashtanga Primary Series

Enjoy the traditional ashtanga sequence in its complete expression and in all its glory! Come learn techniques on bandhas and ujjayi breath in order to experience lightness and lift-off in your jump-backs and jump-throughs. Pattabhi Joi’s groundbreaking yoga system has strongly influenced contemporary yoga practice so you will certainly feel familiar with the forms. Experiencing the full sequence in its entierety will inspire your practice and leave you invigorated, energised, grounded and strong.

 Prana Flow ‘Fluid Power’

As a certified prana flow teacher I will share with you the renowned Shiva Rea’s ingenious and creative system of energetic vinyasa flow yoga. Through the ‘Dancing Warrior’, sacred ‘Mandala’ and beautiful ‘Wave’ sequences, we will move with rhythm and grace in order to cultivate our sense of embodiment. Within each moment we will explore the 5 ‘vayus’, which are the 5 directions of the flow of energy-this will accentuate our experience of ourselves as energetic vibrant beings.

 unwind & release:Hips   Open up the hips and strengthen the lower body, increase balance & concentration, and help ground and centre. Techniques to release deeply held tensions whether physical, mental or emotional
 Detox &Strengthen:The Core                 Through building up core abdominal and lumbar strength to not only improve posture but help tone the abdominal organs, increase digestive fire and detox the system. Here we will focus on activating inner strength and confidence in order to re set our focus.
  Awaken, Energise:The Spine        Strengthen stabilizing postural muscles. Open up the thoracic spine and chest region to increase blood flow & oxygen to the heart and lungs. Strengthen the circulatory & respiratory systems. Boost energy &uplift mood.
 Refocus, Re-centre: Inversions  Focus on alignment principles to cultivate strength & focus to balance upside down. Shifts your perspective for positive growth. Release restrictive & hindering neural conditioning to allow for positive redefinition of self-perception

2-hour master class that creates lasting effects:

  • experience the powerful & healing effects of yoga
  • rejuvenate and energize
  • build strength, stability, flexibility, stamina and a light body
  • experience deep relaxation
  • be inspired, take time out and get perspective

evolve your practice to the next level with dynamic flow sequences, breathing, meditation, relaxation, mindfulness,technical points & philosophy 

  •  learn key alignment principles and receive a break-down of the basics (and secrets) that make challenging postures accessible.
  • learn skills that increase your ability to relax in every day life and improve overall well-being, including how to breath more deeply and effortlessly

suitable for all levels and experience in yoga. you don’t need to be able to achieve all of the advanced poses to attend but just be willing to practice at your own level. this will be a chance to go beyond your comfort zone safely, to ask questions and to go deeper. 


‘Your Hips don’t lie’
‘Detox & Strengthen’
‘Energise the Spine’
‘Refocus & Recentre- Inversions’
‘The Complete Ashtanga Primary Series’
‘Prana Flow Fluid Power’



London Fields Yoga Studio – Arthaus, 195 Richmond Rd, London E8 3NJ


Special Offer Price Actual Value you save
1 workshop £20 £20
2 workshops £30 £40 10
3 workshops £40 £60 20
4 workshops £50 £80 30

* choose any Sessions that suit your schedule, they don’t need to be consecutive.

* if booking more than 1 Session, a 50% deposit is required (refundable up to a week before the retreat but non refundable thereafter. )

*if you’re interested in booking more than 1 but finances are an issue for you, contact me to discuss options to pay in installments