YOGIMAMA: Birth to Fitness 9-Month Program

The YogiMama Birth-to-Fitness Program has been created to support, inform and guide a woman through postpartum.

The YogiMama Course addresses a woman’s needs beyond the physical but also offers practices that address the mental and emotional levels of her being.

Self-Care and safety are emphasized throughout and it is important that each woman works at her own individual pace.

It is designed to be suitable for use from week 1 postpartum* and the program carefully and gradually progresses up to 9 months postpartum.

The Course is organised into 3 main parts

  • HEAL

Of course, every woman’s postnatal journey is unique and some may not feel ready to engage in and start so immediately or she may encounter this Program at a later stage postpartum, which is totally fine. This has been accounted for and so ultimately a woman can commence and benefit from the program at any point a she feels interested and willing, whether she is 5 days postpartum or 5 years! 

Course Structure

Each Phase contains an abundance of content including instructional yoga & pilates videos, audio meditations, pictures of sequences and written info. 

Each phase builds progressively on the previous and includes:

Breathwork Exercise

Awareness Technique

Strength Sequence

Flexibility Sequence

Relaxation Audio

Connect Sequence (with self, partner or baby)

Cardio Suggestion

Self Care Guidance


Preview of Course Layout

HEAL PHASE PART ONE weeks 1 -3 Postpartum

HEAL PHASE PART TWO weeks 4 - 6 postpartum

HEAL PHASE PART THREE weeks 7 - 12 postpartum


REBUILD PART ONE weeks 3 months - 4 months - Postpartum

REBUILD PART TWO - 4 months - 6 months Postpartum

REVITALISE 6 - 9 months Postpartum

What People Are Saying:

I've been doing this program religiously. Absolutely loving the content. It's got me through both my postpartum recovery journeys and I'm so happy with the results.

Becky Palmstrong

£180.00 GBP