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200+hour Foundation Yoga Teacher Training Course

9 Months

 1 Transformative experience

course - original - whitebgImmerse in this  personal and professional development experience.

Join our vibrant ever-growing community of Yoga Teachers.

We value breadth of knowledge, integrity and grounded life-affirming spirituality.

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Real Flow Yoga Ethos 

Our ethos revolves around the notion of flow state which positive psychologists have found to be extremely beneficial. We bridge the gap between contemporary science and the ancient traditions of yoga. Through the exploration of the intelligence of instinct, intellect and intuition we cultivate minfulness trust, authenticity for your soul's path.

Real Flow Yoga Graduate 

Lara Swanbury


"This course was incredible. A life changing experience"


Course USP

What's unique about THIS Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Course Syllabus


Teaching Methodology (80 hours)

Teaching Practice  (15 hours)

Yogic Lifestyle (5 hours)



Functional Anatomy (32 hours)

Yogic Philosophy (24 hours)



Teaching Contexts (i.e. 1-2-1's, workshops, retreats) (20 hours)

Business of Teaching Yoga (4 hours) 


Self Study (20 hours)

Exceptional Learning & TeachingExperience 

The training experience is organised into modules of intelligence of the body, mind & heart


The 1st Module INSTINCT is designed to awaken the intelligence of the body. It allows you to develop your yoga practice. 

We cover:

YOGA PRACTICE: We practice the 12 Yoga sequences which are well rounded full classes including all the relevant techniques ie Mantra, Bandha, Mudra, Kriya, Pranayama, Nidra, Meditation

TEACHING METHODOLOGY: We Cover The art of teaching i.e. verbal cues, hands-on assists, story-telling, holding space, ritual & ceremony, timing, flow state. We also cover the science of teaching i.e. techniques on how to teach all of the practices and postures

POSTURE LABS: We take a 360 degree dive into the nuts & bolts of each pose

PRACTICE TEACHING: You'll hit the ground running by teaching from Day 1.

YOGA LIFESTYLE & ETHICS: We explore Yoga off the mat. I.e. Ayurveda, The Yogic ethical framework, Self practice & self care. Yoga Activism & Ecology

Intellect Module

The 2nd Module is designed to stimulate your INTELLECT. We will delve into what it takes to be a skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher. Providing a wealth of wisdom on the technical and specifics of teaching.

The INTELLECT module involves two topics:

FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY: We take a practical and applied approach to anatomy to make learning anatomy enjoyable and relevant to teaching yoga.  We work from the premise that 'one-size' does not fit all and every BODY is unique and so our teaching must accomodate for that. We cover: The principles of effective technical teaching. Also how to teach the anatomy of poses both individually and when in a flow sequence. We also cover the bodily systems beyond the skeletal-muscular, including the respiratory, nervous, cradio-vascular, digestive & elimination and the  endocrine system. We also cover the subtle energy body as covered within the Yogic Scripture.

YOGA PHILOSOPHY: We cover an overview of philosophical thinking and a look at WEST vs EAST ideologies. We explore cultural appropriation argument and look at the Cultural-Socio-Political Economic History in which Yoga evolved. We cover a comparative study of the main influential Yoga Scriptures including the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita and Hatha Pradapika.

Intuition Module

The 3rd Module is about opening the heart. By now you would have really bonded with your trainee peers and be thinking to the future. 

TEACHING CONTEXTS: We will explore how to teach different demographics including people with injuries, improving mental health, yoga for the elderly or children... the varieties are endless! We also explore how to teach across a variety of settings such as 1-2-1's, workshops and retreats

BUSINESS OF TEACHING: We also cover the business of teaching and how to brand & market yourself so that your career can hit the ground running.

We complete the course with ceremony and feast having completed our beautiful time together. 

2004 Course Dates & Locations

We start with an immersive retreat in Alcanede, Portugal and continue at UNION Yoga Studio in Ramsgate, Kent, with some training days carried out via Zoom Online Classrooms.


September 28th & 29th 

October 26th & 27th

November 23rd & 24th

December 21st & 22nd



January 6th & 7th

January 25th & 26th

February 22nd & 23rd

March 29th & 30th

April 26th & 27th

May 11 & 12th

May 24th & 25th

Union Yoga Studio

The benefits of being hosted at Union Yoga + Cafe
25-27 Queen Street

Full Details

Course Cost

£2,500 total cost payable with £500 deposit and up to 10 x £200 monthly instalments 

What's Included


  • All tutoring
  • Unlimited access to online platform
  • Training Manual
  • Mentoring Sessions
  • Assistant teaching in Union Studio
  • Discount in Union Cafe during training
  • Certification to teach
  • Access to RFY community groups

What's Not Included


  • Any additional catch up tutoring (¬£50 per missed session)


  • Deposit of ¬£500 is non-refundable
  • Up to 10 monthly instalments of ¬£200
  • Minimum of 2 months notice of cancellation in order to receive refund
  • No refunds after 14th July 2024


Am I ready to take the course? 


  • Are you willing and able to commit 9 months to a challenging but rewarding experience?
  • Have you a min of 2 years experience of yoga practice?¬†
  • Do you have a good sense of humour and are open to learning?¬†

If you're answers are YES, then YES you are ready!  


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Course Ethos
Course Syllabus
Course Dates
Course Cost
Course USP
Course Structure
Portugal Retreat

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