Real Flow Yoga

Teacher Training School


40-HOUR Specialist

Yoga Teacher Training Course 


Sat & Sun 1st/2nd/ Feb 2025

8th /9th June 2025

investment £495 


Deepen your understanding of Yoga and Women's Wellbeing 

Empower and support women 

Enhance your career

A unique and comprehensive training course

Course Outcomes

By the end of the course you will:
  • Gain competence and confidence in practicing and teaching safe, effective and enjoyable feminine focused yoga classes and workshops
  • Develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of womb wisdom
  • Learn how to map Menstruality and live in cycle and understand Menopause and therapeutics
  • Gain technical and applied understanding of relevant Anatomy and Physiology
  • Gain an overview of Menstrual dysfunction and various ailments and yoga therapeutics
  • Gain an intuitive and informed understanding of why and when a practice/pose may or may not be appropriate
  • Understand and apply yogic concepts of subtle energy body so that you can practice and teach ¬†an holistic and integrated yoga practice that serves a woman on all levels of their being.
  • Enhance your skills and confidence in holding space, and building a warm, welcoming community. You‚Äôll create an atmosphere in class that invites sharing and connection, to self and others.
  • Appreciate the value of flow-state and how it can be cultivated as part of a women‚Äôs initiation into her own¬†women's wisdom
  • Ability to offer a quality rich class experience with the techniques of breathing exercises, meditation, mudra, mantra, bandha, sankalpa, visualization and yoga nidra


Course Requirements & Eligibility

  • ¬†This course¬†is recognised as¬†a Continue Professional Development' (CPD) with Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. i.e. It is suitable for Yoga Teachers of all backgrounds.
  • This course provides a Specialised Vocational qualification.¬†I.e. It is designed for those of you that work within a related sphere of women's wellbeing and have some experience in teaching or holding space in some capacity but are not a qualified yoga teacher. You may already be a PT, pilates instructor, hypnobirther, doula midwife, counsellor, massage therapist etc where you have existing qualifications and this course will provide 'a string to your bow' professionally.
  • This course is designed¬†as a personal development course, as it¬†provides a deep dive into therapeutic topics that create a transformative, healing and empowering impact on your life.¬†
  • In order to gain your certification and insurance to go onto teach you¬†are be required to complete assignments and mentoring tasks.


Watch the brief overview of what the course entails...


Part One

SAT 1st & SUN 2nd Feb 2025


Feminine Divine Awakening &
Feminine Divine Healing

The 1st Part is dedicated to uncovering what is understood as women's wisdom and how to untap it within ourselves. 

Through feminine enquiry and circular logic we look back to look forward and explore our own personal HER-STORIES to gain deep insights.

We explore the history and culture around women's wisdom and the impact of patriarch and the matriarch, including re-examining yogic philosophy from a feminine lens. 

Only with these insights can we then start to explore any past hurt or trauma inflicted upon /held in the womb space.

Part Two

SAT 8th & SUN 9TH Feb 2025


Intuitive Visioning &
The Empowered Woman

The 2nd Part is a place to get to know your intuition more intimately.

Not only do we delve into the physical and energetic anatomy of the sacral chakra, womb and pelvis but we open up into psych-somatic concepts of play, sensuality, creativity and sexuality.

We also investigate the wider cycles and patterns of influence. As is the microcosm so is the macrocosm. 

This leads our enquiry into looking at life stages, phases, cycles, seasons lunar cycles, astrology, ecology, and the role of feminism and the divine feminine within these spheres. 


So why do THIS teacher training?

Course Contents

  • Initial 1-2-1 consultation to discuss your intentions and goals
  • Access to the Online course
  • Digital Training Manual
  • Well Woman Class Sequences
  • Class Safety and Contra-indications
  • Guided meditations, Yoga nidra and relaxation
  • Functional Anatomy & Physiology
  • Become part of the growing Real Flow Yoga & UNION RAMSGATE teaching community
  • Mentoring throughout
  • Recognised¬†Certification with leading body YAP UK

Transformative Experience

  • Take time for deep self-enquiry, healing and personal growth
  • Discover how yoga ethics and lifestyle can improve your life
  • Access, teach yoga from and live wthin the flow-state
  • Gain in-depth understanding of yoga theory, history and philosophy
  • Explore functional anatomy, biomechanics and energetic alignment
  • Build confidence and leave your comfort zone

Yoga As Your Profession

You will gain:

  • Real opportunities for network and community building
  • Real business management skills including branding & marketing
  • Real support with access to pooled information & resources
  • Adaptability across settings I.E. 1-2-1‚Äôs group classes, women's circles, workshops , retreats

Technical Yet Creative Teaching Skills

This training provides a strong grounding in:

  • Emphasis on¬†therapeutic¬†feminine yoga for healing¬†
  • Art of sequencing ‚Äď create classes that are safe, effective, and inspiring
  • Create classes that are logical, progressive yet creative and playful
  • Create community focused, friendly atmosphere in your sessions
  • The art of¬†holding safe space
  • Understand yoga philosophy¬†from a feminine lense make it real and relevant to modern life

You are a part of the Family

A part of our Community

Our teacher training is more than just a course with a certificate.

We create a safe, supportive container for you to delve deep into self exploration and discovery.

Through our continued mentoring and peer to peer emphasis, we cultivate a nurturing environment for you to thrive.

Our methodology and ethos forges a strong bond between our trainees and we form long lasting community and friendships that sustain our practice and teaching path for the long-run.

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