womb massage

What is Womb Massage?

Womb, Abdominal and Fertility massage has a lineage dating back thousands of years. It has been an ancient practice and part of traditional medicines for many different ancient cultures includingIndian, Tibetan, Christian, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Gnostic, and Mayan. Within these cultures the uterus is considered to be the woman’s centre which should be honoured and supported especially around her fertile years.  The womb is said to be an energetic power house as well as the home of creation itself. If it is not in the ideal position, and is slightly misaligned, it is said to have adverse effects on long term health.

How is Womb Massage practiced?

The technique and practice of womb massage is non-invasive and external. The massage involves a circular motion of flowing pressure placed around the digestive and reproductive organs with intentionality also placed along the musculature of the abdominals including the connective tissue lines of fascia that support your core. The massage starts on your front and will also include some techniques on the lower back. You can remain clothed with just your midriff exposed. The experience is deeply relaxing yet often feels quite powerful in allowing you to connect to your core Self and ascertain where you’re at right now in your life. Sometimes strong emotions do come up either immediately or within the few days after which is to be supported in allowing and releasing them to flow through. The massage works deep into the energy body and chakra system also, given that the solar plexus resides behind the abdominal organs and is home to a mass of neural connections. The massage is held with the intention of meditation and is a safe and confidential space.

Benefits of the Womb Massage:

  •  improves circulation
  • restores the flow of blood, nerve, lymph and chi/prana.
  • improves digestion and reduces constipation
  • helps process emotions
  • regulates periods and relieves menstrual dysfunctions such as bleeding too long, too excessively, too scantily, excessive blood clots etc
  • reduces cramps
  • relieves painful sexual intercourse
  • relieves pain associated with PMT, ovulation and Endometriosis, fibroids, endometrial polyps
  • relieves backache
  • relieves headaches or dizziness associated with periods
  • supports fertility
  • supports menopause
  • returns uterus back into alignment if the ligaments are tight due to posture, injury, childbirth, sports, lifestyle factors
  • returns uterus back into alignment if there has been a prolapse (i.e. ligaments are overly stretched or have been cut.)

Is your Womb mis-aligned?

Often symptoms of menstrual dysfunction and discomfort could be caused by misalignment of the uterus which lead to inefficient circulation and consequential regular symptoms of inflammation, pain and discomfort.

There are many potential every day causes of this such as:

  • High impact exercises with weights
  • Running on hard surfaces
  • Wearing high heeled shoes
  • Car accidents or hard blows, injuries or falls to the sacrum and tailbone
  • Poor alignment of the pelvic bones with the spinal column
  • Modern life and carrying children on one hip for prolonged periods
  • Straining during bowel movements
  • Ageing and the pull of gravity on the ligaments
  • Repeated pregnancies close together with difficult deliveries
  • Challenges during pregnancy, delivery and postpartum
  • Carrying heavy items just before, during or after menstruation and too soon after childbirth
  • Emotional tension following either physical, sexual, or emotional abuse from any time in your life.


Price & Availability of Womb Massage

£65 for 60 minutes is the going rate for this specialist and unique treatment. I have a heated dedicated studio space in my garden in Broadstairs that will be candlelit and aromatherapy oils used.  You may find a one-off treatment to meet your needs or you may feel that regular treatments are beneficial in working through certain conditions. Get in touch to discuss package options.

contraindications for womb massage 

The womb massage techniques are safe and effective on the whole but there are some circumstances where the massage is not suitable:

Womb Massage is not recommended if:

  • 3 days prior to menstruation or during
  • 6 weeks following normal vaginal birth or 3 months after a caesarean birth
  • first trimester of pregnancy
  • if you have an IUD in place
  • if cancer is suspected
  • if you have an infection of the abdomen and pelvis and fever is present
  • immediately after abdominal therapy
  • if you have a Hiatal Herniation