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about tammy 

yoga is an ancient art, science & philosophy. It provides us with the wisdom for living well and in harmony with ourselves and others. I feel very honoured to have taught yoga for the last 9 years and been on the path of sharing what I live and love.

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SYT1as a Senior Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, I have +8 years & +4000 hours of teaching experience and +1000 hours of training. I’ve practiced yoga since the age of 14. I am a life-long yoga student and studied for an MA in Yoga Philosophy & Meditation at SOAS University. I have also trained as a Pilates instructor. 

my training and teaching experience allows me to combine traditional Indian Yoga styles with a contemporary western approach to authentically help guide others to find their own love for, and benefits from Yoga. I practice and teach many styles of yoga and honour my teachers Shane Perkins, Dr Senthil, Shiva Rea, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Jivamukti, Richard Freeman and Edward Clark & Paul Grilley. I teach a wide range of people, from professional footballers and snowboarders to pregnant and postnatal ladies and the over-65′s. 

my approach to teaching is student-focused so I adapt to meet the needs and energies of the class. Music is a prominent feature of class and sequences flow with rhythm and beat. Classes can be dynamic and uplifting yet always move toward inner stillness.

teaching yoga far and wide

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I am so lucky to have been a yoga teacher on over 30 yoga retreats held in stunning locations around the world with groups of wonderful people. I have loved working for AdventureYogi, Silver Island and also In Spa & Destination Yoga as well as running my own retreats with Treeline chalets in the French Alps. 

regular classes

Back home in London, I have run the same regular dynamic yoga class in Shoreditch for over 6 years. When I started out, there wasn’t hardly any yoga classes in the area. Despite it being held in a pretty unglam run down old community hall, it’s one of my favourite classes because the regular students are awesome people.  I also teach pilates and ashtanga at blok every sunday.

For potential students that can’t make my class, I try to offer free online tutorials. I am featured Yoga Expert for the online channel Grokker and I have a popular pregnancy series for Tonic as well as my own Youtube Channel.

women’s wellbeing

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I am passionate about inspiring and nurturing the intuitive and creative powers that are innate within women at all stages of the female life cycle. i.e menstruation, conceiving, pregnancy, postnatally. Yoga practice can really show us that there is so much potency and wisdom available to us women when we really open ourselves up to exploring it. Check out my ‘pre & postnatal’ sections and the yoga blog if this interests you. I’ve always loved teaching pregnancy yoga and having had the experience to teach it before, during and after my own pregnancy was truly insightful and rewarding. My regular pregnancy yoga class is held on a sunday at London Yoga Studio.

over the years I have been dedicated to deepening my asana practice and my knowledge of philosophy and right now being a new mum inspires within me a new and much more grounded and practical way to practice and express yoga every day. 

more recently I have been adding articles to my yoga blog, on topics including yoga philosophy to tips and tricks for technique to women’s wellbeing. check it out if you want to learn more about all things yoga!

OH and I feel that I should explain, cos it makes me cringe, I went with the website url tammysyoga not because I’m making a statement that it’s MY yoga or that I’ve designed a new type of yoga, but literally for ease of website search and avoiding spelling mishaps due to the dilemma of  ‘tammy – yoga’  having 2 y’s next to each other! Good, glad to get that off of my chest 😉

I hope you find my website a useful resource for your yoga practice

please get in touch if you have any questions and please stay connected with me on social media    

 tammy x

still interested? here’s a bit more about how I got into yoga…
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 classes in shoreditch & hackney ~ 1-2-1  ~ blog~   retreats  ~women’s wellbeing ~ pilates